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At Haba they believe children learn from playing. The skills and lessons learned from playing with innovative and unique games and toys provide the foundation for a child to develop into a bright and inquisitive problem solver. In 1938 Haba introduced colorfully polished building blocks as their first product and the learning has only grown from there. Using solid maple and beech woods, fabric, felt, leather and glass Haba produces a wide selection of childrens toys and games that are much more than whimsical play things. Superb craftsmanship, creative designs and attractive colors combine in the Haba toy and game lines to stimulate sensory perception that sparks a childs imagination and leads him down a path of self discovery while playing. Through use of Haba wood toys and unique games children actually learn color theory, mathematics, speech development and fine motor manipulations. The best part is children do not think of it as school work or lessons, to them it is a game but it is teaching them problem solving skills that will carry over into their formative schooling years. The Dada Baby Boutique welcomes the chance to join with Haba in delivering some of their finest and most dependable wood toys and unique games. We are proud to be part of fine wood tradition, 100% natural cotton fabric materials and toys and games that help stimulate a young mind into amazing worlds of new discovery. Cat, Mouse & Bear is a delightful game that teaches children how to find the right wagon for their cuddly friends so they can begin a wonderful voyage. The three part soft mobile features removable wooden wheels and will teach your child the difference and uses of pulling, pushing, sorting and stacking. We enjoy the fabulous combination of traditional wood and soft cotton fabrics that define the Haba line and always keep our eyes out for the next intriguing design that will challenge, entertain and delight children of all ages.