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Plush Toys

Plush Toys
Plush toys are one of our biggest sellers. We get many calls and inquiries lamenting the loss of a special plushy that a child has lost. Usually the parents are desperate to find a replacement that is identical to the missing toy. This is and example of the level of attachment children and babies develop with plush toys.

At Dada Baby Boutique you“ll find an excellent selection of plush toys, stuffed animals and crib playmats to entertain newborn baby boys and baby girls. Cute, colorful and cuddly these plush toys become instant friends.

Plush toys and stuffed animals feature a variety of cushy fill including micro bead, soft cotton and other non-toxic and chemical free materials to provide an ultra-squishy feel and texture that babies love. They“ll also enjoy the fun and playful characters we carry including pandas, teddy bears, bunny rabbits, elephants, kittens, puppies and frogs.

We feature terrific plush toys and stuffed animals from top name brand manufacturers and designers and a full line of wonderful gift ideas for baby boys and baby girls for baby showers, announcements, christenings and other special baby occasions. Plush toys come in a wonderful array of colors that are fun and soothing including orange, purple, pink, blue, tan and yellow.