The Deglingos

The Deglingos
Crazy, ugly and outlandish enough to become a popular brand in the baby toy market, the Deglingos are a freaky and fun family of oddball animals including rats, monkeys, wolves and hedgehogs that are anything but ordinary. At the Dada Baby Boutique we feature great selection from the many Deglingo lines including dishes, bags, games, footwear and mini Deglingos. Whether your toddler has a taste for the quirky or if you need to present a baby gift that will certainly be remembered, browse the fine Deglingo collection at Dada Baby Boutique.

Made from 50 different kinds of fabric and string, Deglingos plush toys and stuffed animals present a visual feast for the eyes of a child and will quickly delight any toddler. Measuring 10 inches in length the Deglingo soft toy friends are machine washable and appropriate for children of all ages. Manufactured by Ohio-based Geared for Imagination, Deglingos are born from the company ethos Driven by Design, Powered by Play. Founded in 2009 by Ryan Hamilton and Bret Faber, Deglingos has quickly become one of their signature lines and brings to children the designs and colors they want to see in their toys.

Unlike traditional teddy bears and stuffed animal kittens, Deglingos brings a refreshing and strange take on soft toys and kids everywhere love the zany designs and imperfections. At the Dada Baby Boutique we carry a wide variety of Deglingos soft toys as well as Deglingos Kicks (kid sneakers), mini Deglingos and backpacks that will brighten up any school day.