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As any parent can attest traveling with a newborn baby or toddler is an adventure in itself. At the Dada Baby Boutique we understand how stressful and aggravating it can be to travel with a small child and we go out of our way to find the best travel bags, clutch toys and blankets to make traveling with a baby less of a hassle and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Babies and toddlers like to move around and when they are confined to a car, stroller or plane they often feel constricted. This feeling often leads to tantrums, crying and restlessness. Be prepared for a sudden mood change with clever soft clutch toys that can occupy a fidgety young one for hours at a time.

We carry a terrific selection of soft, plush and colorful clutch toy characters for babies to latch onto during long drives and trips. Zoobies manufacturers a full line of friendly jungle animals friends to keep kids entertained including monkeys, giraffes and elephants.

For mom we stock a chic collection of designer diaper bags and baby travel totes from top brand name manufacturers including Fluerville and Timi & Leslie to conveniently carry all your baby necessities and accessories.

Another good idea to make traveling with a baby easier is to bring along soft and comfortable baby blankets that will keep a baby boy or baby girl warm and cozy during a long car ride and remind them of their comfy crib at home.