About Us

Welcome to Dada Baby!

A few short years ago, while awaiting the birth of our first child, Mick, we went shopping for baby 'stuff.' What we found was a lot more interesting (and expensive) than we expected. We had been oblivious to the styles and trends that dominated the baby marketplace and were a bit taken aback at all of the products to choose from.

We had fun getting Mick's room together and noticed that people reacted in a positive fashion to some of our choices. Thinking maybe we had decent taste, we started selling small items like socks and blankets that we would hand-stitch ourselves late into the night. Our inventory began to expand, we built a proper site and the rest is history: an online store.

Here at Dada Baby, we do our best to stock the product lines that people like. Along with choosing the products we sell, we update the site, stock the inventory and ship ourselves, all with the help of Mick and his brother Keir and sister Elle. It's a small staff but we like it that way and we hope you enjoy shopping with us. Customer service is really important to us; we don't want to be the 'biggest' online baby store, just the best.

Feel free to contact us 7 days a week by phone at 1 (877) 909 DADA or (678) 938 6399, by email at service@dadababyboutique.com or by mail, we are always ready to help!

Dada Baby Boutique

2121 13th St

Columbus, GA 31906