Pedal Cars

Capture the free flying spirit of the 1930s with classic, retro styled vintage pedal cars that will awe and entertain your baby boy or baby girl. The nostalgic look and color of these all metal and plastic pedal products invokes a simpler time when the feel of a cool breeze on your face was enough to make you feel like you were the Red baron swooping down in aerial acrobatics or an old time racing champ rounding the corner for the stretch home. No whistles or bells or digital gadgets can capture the rush of pedaling your way to natural speeds that make you really feel like flying.

Pedal toys and cars are safety tested and approved by the United States for children use, feature lead free paint, all metal construction, durable child-safe plastics, non slip pedals, padded and snapped seats and custom graphics. Baby and toddler pedal cars, bikes and planes also feature adjustable seats, rubber tires, sealed ball bearings, working headlights and reflectors. Pedal toys are suited for children over the age of three. For kids under three you can attach conversion kits that fix the pedal toy on safe 48 inch long and 21 inch wide rockers so kids can still enjoy the feel of the cockpit without the danger of pedaling away without supervision.

In our baby boutique we understand the yearning for yesteryear and the simple life it symbolized. Like a well made teddy bear or simple ball game the pedal toy cars, planes and bikes hark back to a time when all fun required is you and your imagination. We hand pick the finest of the baby pedal cars so boys and girls can let their creative minds run wild as they pedal through the wide blue yonder or race to the checkered flag.

Pedal cars and toys are available in a wide selection of sizes, frames, colors and designs so your baby boy or baby girl will feel right at home in their own pedal car.