At Dada Baby we carry everything from cute and cuddly plush toys and musical mobiles, to challenging and educational building blocks and puzzles.

In our huge inventory of baby, infant and children‘s toys you will find every type of toy any baby boy or baby girl could ever want. We feature plush stuffed animals and crib playmates, soft and durable play mats, traditional and intricate wooden toys, educational activity toys, crib mobiles, an assortment of dolls and tub toys to entertain your baby or toddler every waking moment.

Soft, cuddly and comfy our selection of stuffed animals makes wonderful first friends for any newborn baby boy or baby girl. With whimsical themes, soft gentle hues and friendly smiles these adorable rabbits, ducks, puppies and bears will provide a sense of security and companionship as your little one dreams away at night and be a faithful friend as he discovers his new world.

Let your baby‘s imagination run wild with any of the fantastic puzzles and games we supply that challenge and entertain at the same time. Even a simple product like colorful building blocks teach a young baby important development skills including balance, counting and proportion, concepts hell use throughout his life. Colorful puzzles are great ways for infants to pass the time and learn about shapes, animals and colors. Simple soft books and activity books are wonderful ways to tell stories and teach little ones the values you will want instilled in him at a young age.